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PLUS1 Partner Programs include a variety of offerings for artists and brands to engage in social impact in the ways that best suit their needs and interests. We are happy to create custom programs by combining any of the options below.

  • We work with your team to build a strategy focused on the cause areas and regions most important to you and your artist. Over the past ten years we have built a trusted network of thousands of global nonprofit partners working across every aspect of justice, access, and equity.

  • Our keystone program ensures tangible financial impact whether through smaller local grants throughout or larger grants at the end of a tour. We ensure the charity ticket add-on runs efficiently and effectively from end to end - guaranteeing 100% of raised funds go to charity. PLUS1 (a registered 501c3) retains 10% and the remaining 90% goes to the designated beneficiaries.

  • We can provide the necessary financial and legal infrastructure to stand up artist funds for those interested in furthering their philanthropy. Our funds serve as an alternative to the administrative complexities, financial burdens, and risks that come with starting a new 501(c)3.

  • We identify existing charitable projects that need funding to reach a specific, tangible goal. We offer artists the option of supporting this type of project and further connecting with the organization’s community. Our campaigns are released on a quarterly basis via the PLUS1 Newsroom.

  • The PLUS1 Newsroom is dedicated to empowering cultural leaders and their teams by providing high-quality, well researched, and relevant information, opportunities, and insights via our quarterly newsletters and rapid-response memos in reaction to the news cycle.

Partnering with PLUS1 is simple. We handle vetting, compliance, and the operational backend of fundraising so that you and your team can focus on your core business with confidence and peace of mind.

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